• Let Us Eat Cake! Let Us Eat Cake!

    Felix Salmon wonders if there isn't maybe a little "Revolution in the Air"…

    [T]he real people, the angry people, the unemployed people… [aren't] interested in what's fair or what's sensible. They saw their real wages stagnate for decades as the orgy of plutocratic self-congratulation reached obscene levels only to keep on growing. All they ever had was the American Dream: the idea that they, too, might one day become dynastically wealthy and join the overclass.

    Now, of course, that dream is shattered — and, what's worse, it turns out that very overclass is responsible for the working classes' own present straits. While the talking heads in New York and Washington throw around their millions and billions and trillions before commuting home to their comfortable middle-class-and-better lifestyles, the rest of the country is mad as hell, and ain't gonna take it any more. They're not interested in constructive solutions or in leveraging private capital or in the sanctity of contracts: fuck that shit. Those days are over. They want to see jail time, confiscatory policies, and worse.

    How ridiculous! Those plutocrats don't deserve jail time or any kind of retribution for their actions. They're rich! If they were incarcerated, then who would we get to be better than us?

    (via Andrew Sullivan)

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