• The Mouth of a Liberal

    Ed Brayton points us to this comment from good, Christian WorldNetDaily reader in response to fuckin' Joe Biden's foul fuckin' mouth

    Profanity in all forms is normal for liberals. Ever seen a pro-life demonstration, with pro-life on one side of the street and pro-choice on the other? The conservatives will be praying or quietly pleading for life to be respected, while the choicers are spewing the most vile, hateful language they can think of.

    I've read that Rahm Emmanuel is legendary for his use of profanity. Hillary Clinton has an exceptually sharp tongue which has been caught on tape. The list goes on and on.

    It boils down to one's ethical, Christian beliefs. Most conservatives are Bible-believing Christians and are temperate in their language, prefering to pray rather than spew obscenities. Most liberals have no use for the Bible or interest in Christian principles, and it shows in their godless tirades and everyday use of profanity.

    It's truly disgraceful. Imagine people exercising free speech without the fear of retributive judgment of an invisible and angry sky god.

    The motherfuckin' nerve!

    (More comments at DFTCW.)

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