• Defending Bernie Madoff, Nothing Is Impossible with Religion

    Well, this certainly is an interesting way to open a column...

    Something tells me I won’t make any new friends (and might even lose some old ones) if I confess to harboring some admiration for Bernard Madoff.

    And to make things worse, I can’t muster much for Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, the pilot who safely landed a full commercial airliner in the Hudson River back in January.

    I have to say that Rabbi Avi Shafran has piqued my interest there. I'll bet you that he's going to go on to go on to make a complex and thought-provoking argument about the subtle shades of human morality…

    [Madoff's] crime, after all, was really remarkable only for its longevity and its scope. The Torah teaches that stealing is a sin, but it doesn’t differentiate between misappropriating a million dollars and pilfering a dime.

    Nope. I was wrong. Sorry to waste your time.

    (via Pharyngula)

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