• Fun with Obama Photos: International Lampoon's European Vacation

    Everybody knows that body language is more important than real language. Whereas real language is tricky to am get worded correct-like, body language is direct and clear in its message. A few days ago, I analyzed photos of Obama in order to evaluate his hidden messages, and I came up with astoundingly insightful evaluations. I also took cheap shots about Barack Obama farting in public and fingering Michelle.

    Anyway, this week, I take a look at Obama's European vacation (here's a phrase not heard in a while: Chevy Chase did it better) and his speech for the G-20 summit. And guess what? I make really intelligent analysis of Obama's body language…

    "We might be nerds, but we just made an oath to lose our virginity by the end of the high school."

    Oops, so this is going to be stupid and sophomoric. Click after the jump if you want to go down this rabbit hole of stupidity…

    "Nope, nothing symbolic about this picture. The chandelier doesn't resemble anything at all that might comment on my often mocked Messiah image."

    "What did the five fingers say to the face? 'Waaah, we're just five fingers and we're pouting.' That's what the fingers said."

    Why does Obama pout in so many of his photos? I feel like he's disappointed in us all for not being as Obamariffic as he is.

    "Finally, I think I see a solution to our economic woes. Just kidding, folks. April Fools. But what I do see in our future are some more bailouts for huge companies."

    "I swear to God, the Queen's boobies were this big!"

    "And her penis was even bigger!"

    "No, of course I'm not a socialist. *wink wink*"

    "Hahaha. I'm your boss now and you have to do what I say! Hilarious!"
    Hillary: "Great. I stayed married to Bill Clinton all these years for this?"

    "The last one to touch their nose has to deal with GM. Not it!"

    "I bet you were all hoping I'd do an amazing speech, but I'm good at other things besides giving speeches. For example, I do a  bitchin' robot…"

    That's not the only time Obama's been caught dancing in public.

    "I'm not bowing. I'm dancing just to show off how much better we are at dancing."

    "At first I thought you French guys were kinda snooty, but anyone who helps me recreate the dance scene from Big is alright with me."

    Seriously, our president loves dancing. If only our economy ran on smooth moves, instead of, you know… What does it run on again? It's definitely not money whatever it is.

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