• Barack Obama "Was Eager to See" Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer Engage in Friendly, Non-Controversial Chit Chat

    It's pretty cool to learn that Barack Obama is a fan of Entourage and SpongeBob SquarePants, but what I found more interesting was this nugget of info from Politico…

    Jon Stewart's smackdown of CNBC's Jim Cramer? Obama was eager to see it. But when it comes to the real news, and not the fake kind, Obama takes a pass — rarely ever tuning into 24-hour cable chatter or replays of his own performances.

    But what I found really cool was this…

    But some of Obama's choices definitely have an edgier bent — such as the HBO drama "The Wire." His favorite character is Omar, a gay stickup artist who steals from drug pushers to give to the poor. ("That's not an endorsement. He's not my favorite person, but he's a fascinating character," Obama said last year.)

    That's excellent news. Omar is unquestionably the best character on the Wire. Okay, I guess I also could have accepted McNulty or Stringer.

    But, if he said Cheese… I'm sorry, but that just might have been grounds for impeachment.

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