• Republican Congressperson Totally Pwns Secretary of Energy

    Aw, snap!

    Did you see Texas Rep. Joe Barton's mind-boggling take down of that egghead scientist Energy Secretary Dr. Stephen Chu as a means to disprove Global Warming somehow?

    Barton's Twitter: "I seemed to have baffled the Energy Sec with basic question – Where does oil come from?"

    Seemed to have baffled him. He practically made that nerd's head explode with his flawless logic and creative understand of the Earth's history. I just love watching those stuffed shirts with all their learnin' and numberin' get taken down by a good ol' boy like "Smokey Joe." It was a think of beauty to behold!

    Here, watch

    Burn! Buuuuuurrrnnn!!!

    Look at that idiot mumbling about "Geology" and "Constantinople Plates" and a bunch of other made-up stuff.

    You don't mess with a Texan when it comes to the science of oil and energy. Lone Star scientists discovered long ago that Alaska used to be hot, because that's where Lucifer fell when God threw him out of Heaven. It's as obvious a fact as the fact that oil is made out of angels' tears.

    That shit got proved a long time ago.

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