• Top Six Deadly-ish Epidemics on The Colbert Report

    In case you haven't heard, there's a insidious menace spreading across the nation. (And, no, I don't mean the proliferation of numbered Internet lists.) It's a brand new epidemic that's threatening to kill you and everyone you've ever loved (and everyone they've ever loved, and so on).

    Except — unlike the last epidemic that threatened to kill you and everyone you've ever loved — this one is actually going to kill you and everyone you've ever loved. Like, for real this time.

    While we all await our inescapable death at the hands of billions of tiny malicious microbes, lets take a look back, with Stephen Colbert, at some of our other near misses…

    6. Avian Influenza

    5. Beer Pong Herpes Outbreak

    4. Gorilla Public Lice

    3. Vehicular Bacteria

    2. The Black Death

    1. Pathophysiology of Male Homosexuality (or Manthrax)

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