• The Blog Hole: Health Care Reform, Spock is a Marxist and Making Fun of Barry

    Chicken Soup for the Republican Soul: The country is in serious crisis, and all the Republicans can do is stomp their little feet, bark, and fill their diapers with dumplings of rage. Believe it or not, godless fruity liberals, the country needs a healthy opposition party. Mickey Edwards suggests pumping Valium into the hysterical divas who are the de facto ideological mascots of the party, and letting the grown ups step in and contribute positively to our national discourse. [latimes.com]

    Spock Is A Space Marxist: Did you see the Star Trek reboot this weekend? Because if you did, you're a socialist. Possibly, a full-bore Bolshevik. The Volokh Conspiracy explores the universe of Star Trek, and concludes that creator Gene Roddenberry's utopia is full of money-hating hippies. He's wrong of course — Star Trek's Federation is a military dictatorship in pastels. Set phasers to "nerd fight." [volokh.com]

    Health Care Cage Match: Hey, forty million or so uninsured Americans, here's some good news: get the flu! Your health care is coming! Actually, that's not the good news. The good news is that the various competing tribes that comprise the health care industry are sitting down with the Obama Administration and beginning something resembling negotiations. Tom Lindmark thinks this is a positive step, but there's alot of haggling to come if anything is to change. [seekingalpha.com]

    Bush Bashing Obama: Conservatives are complaining that no one is making fun of President Obama, at least, not the way Bush was mocked. But man, Bush made it so-o-o easy. The Right Wing Pinko takes a shot at throwing peanuts at the Big O… and fails. Because our new president isn't funny. Which, in it's own way, is kind of funny. [rightwingpinko.com]

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