• 2010: The Year of Even More Bible Than Normal

    The Republicans have been getting a lot of shit lately for having no ideas that don't begin and end with the word "No!" to the table. But that's not completely true.

    Like, look at this resolution introduced by Georgia's Rep. Paul Broun

    H. Con. Res. 121: Encouraging the President to designate 2010 as "The National Year of the Bible"

    Whereas the Bible has had a profound impact in shaping America into a great Nation;

    Whereas deep religious beliefs stemming from the Old and New Testament of the Bible have inspired Americans from all walks of life, especially the early settlers, whose faith, spiritual courage, and moral strength enabled them to endure intense hardships in this new land…

    Whereas 2010 is an appropriate year to designate as ‘The National Year of the Bible’: Now, therefore, be it

    Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That the President is encouraged–

    (1) to designate an appropriate year as ‘The National Year of the Bible’; and

    (2) to issue a proclamation calling upon citizens of all faiths to rediscover and apply the priceless, timeless message of the Holy Scripture which has profoundly influenced and shaped the United States and its great democratic form of Government, as well as its rich spiritual heritage, and which has unified, healed, and strengthened its people for over 200 years.

    I'll tell you, it's about time somebody in the U.S. government start paying a little attention to that much put-upon minority the Christians and their obscure little book.

    It's not like we have any more pressing matters to deal with, right?

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