• Stem Cells Have Power to Reshape Electoral Map Apparently

    Believe it or not, but this whole using the cells from unborn embryos for scientific experimentation thing might just turn out to be controversial…

    No sooner had Obama issued his order than conservative lawmakers in state legislatures began proposing new restrictions on embryonic stem cell research, ranging from criminal penalties to bans on state-level funding…

    But the stem cell battle is not just a high-profile clash of values. The dispute provides a sharp focus on how science may help reshape America. Several states have set aside billions of dollars to support stem cell research, and the new federal money Obama is promising will generally flow to those areas.

    That means states supporting stem cell research will experience an economic windfall while attracting highly educated technology workers who tend to vote Democratic. The more conservative states restricting stem cell research will attract fewer funds and fewer socially liberal voters. In short, a state's stem cell policy will influence electoral results and help determine whether a state turns red or blue.

    Wow. So, not only do stem cells have the ability to to turn into different kinds of cell, but they also have the ability to turn red states blue and blue states red.

    Those things are really powerful.

    No wonder Obama's got that obsessive bloodlust for killing babies to get his hands on them.

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