• The Blog Hole: Cheney is Right, Granddad is Broke and Swine Flu Returns

    Dick Cheney Was Right: Get ready to stomp your little feet in anger, godless liberals: Richard Cohen is defending former Vice President and devout Jack Bauer superfan Dick Cheney. Say what you will about the guy, but he is really enjoying the raucous, national debate about torture in a way he never allowed while he was de facto Emperor.  [washingtonpost.com]

    You'll Be Sorry When You're Dead: When we're all dying of swine flu months from now, Anne Applebaum will be there to tell you "I told you so." We will look back on a couple weeks ago, and wish we had panicked a lot more than we did. Just to be safe, I'm storing Tamiflu in birthday balloons INSIDE my body. Thanks, Anne. [slate.com]

    Sucks To Be Old: If private enterprise ran Social Security, then granddad would be seriously screwed. As it stands, Wall Street is over the barrel, and elderly entitlements are decades away from insolvency. James Ridgeway questions the recent hysteria over Social Security, and concludes it's just politicians drumming up drama so no one notices them taking money  from the wrinkly to give to the cash-strapped, and monocle-enabled. [motherjones.com]

    Please Support Senator Sunshine: Political Vulcan Nate Silver suggests that Democrats should quietly root for Florida Governor Charlie Crist's alleged desire to run for Senate. Besides the fact that he looks to be a shoo-in, Governor Crist is a moderate who might vote his conscious, as well as the will of his constituents, rather than the marching orders of inner-tube shaped talk radio demagogues. [fivethirtyeight.com]

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