• What Exactly Are These People Trying to Say About Donald Rumsfeld?

    Here's a cautionary tale, kids.

    Whatever you do, don't grow up to become a high-ranking member of a political administration that illegally invades a sovereign nation under false pretenses and drags the country into a long, entrenched police action.

    'Cause if you do, you'll have to deal with idiots like this for the rest of your life…

    Bear it in mind, those morons were inside the Correspondents' Dinner. Not protesting outside. They were invitees.

    And look at the calm expression on Donald Rumsfeld's face. You know that he deals with this bullshit every day of his life, everywhere he goes. I'll bet his wife even screams shit like that at him every once in a while when she gets bored around the house.

    Really, neoconservative ideology just isn't worth the trouble.

    (via Townhall)

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