• Michael Savage Seeking Help From Hillary Clinton to Get Un-Banned From U.K.

    You may have heard that uber-conservative radio host Michael Savage recently turned up on a list of people banned from the United Kingdom for some reason that completely remains a mystery to everybody in the world.

    If you know anything about Savage, then you probably realize that this is pretty much the funniest thing ever. And you'd think that Savage would wear it as a badge of honor that a country full of non-American Europeans would dislike him so viscerally.

    But, oddly enough, he — who theorhetically understands that the United Kingdom is not bound by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution — actually had the opposite reaction

    "It is demented. That's a demented attitude. We are protected by the First Amendment, number one, they are not. And the First Amendment, as we all know, was written to protect offensive speech, not polite speech…

    "[British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith] lumped me in with known murderers and terrorists, people who have been in prison for killing people."

    To be fair, I'm sure the murderers and terrorists aren't any happier to have been listed alongside Savage.

    That said, this decision is somewhat silly on the part of the U.K. — though certainly full of sweet, creamy, delicious poetic justice — and I'm sure it can be overturned pretty easily with a simple letter of support from our nation's Secretary of State.

    Hmmm… Who is that these days? Oh, yeah. The person who used to be "most Godless woman in the Senate"…

    Now it appears that Savage is seeking help from an old nemesis: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The San Fransisco Chronicle's Rich Lieberman reports that "[l]awyers for Savage are formally asking [that] she call on the British Government to withdraw its ban."

    Oh, it's like somebody took that "sweet, creamy, delicious poetic justice" from before and stirred in a heaping helping of rich, chocolaty "Suck it."

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