• The Blog Hole: Nancy Betrayed, Credit Crunched and Coulter Cackles

    Agency Dedicated To Deception, Deceives: It wasn't just Nancy Pelosi who the CIA lied to, points out John Cole. Other, distinguished Senators have the same complaint. So don't be too hard on the Speaker, she might not be a total, two-faced, double-talking political hack shucking and jiving. Or she just might be. A good rule of thumb when deciphering dueling spin is to listen to the lies of both sides, and look to the middle for truth. The CIA probs lied to Pelosi; Pelosi probs was briefly okay with beating the tar out of evil terrorists. [balloon-juice.com]

    Master Of Your Master Card: Brian Tumulty answers questions about potential, future credit card reform legislation. It seems pretty common sense: if you pay your bills on time, the credit card companies can't secretly jack up your interest 1,000%. If you default on your bills, the credit card companies can steal your children and sell them on the black market. [lohud.com]

    Tis A Pity She's A Conservative Banshee: If there's one thing liberals cannot stand, it's a sexy Christian lady, says Ann Coulter. The popular conservative banshee defends recent Miss USA Carrie Prejean, accusing the left of the fanaticism they usually levy at the intolerant extremes of the Right Wing. It's a witchhunt, for sure. But when such conspiracies are lead by a jeering little gossip troll with a hate on for a birdbrained wind-up doll, you have to ask "who wins?" Not a grown-up debates about gay rights. [anncoulter.com]

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