• The Bad News: The Sky Is Falling, Porcupine Molestation and Jihad Dot Com

    boom_photo1Global Positioning System Failure: Isn't it nice when the robot voice who lives in your dashboard tells you where to go? Because reading maps waste far too many precious brain cells, brain cells that could be better used surfing the intarwebz for videos of fat tweens falling off things. Unfortunately, your handy GPS system's days might be numbered. You'll know what I'm talking about when all of the satellites that make the technology possible fall out of the sky. [guardian.co.uk]

    Status Update: Jihad! Is nothing sacred to Middle Eastern terrorists with a serious hate on for Israel? Intelligence services for the Jewish state are warning that extremist groups are using Facebook in order to recruit spies inside Israel. They say to beware of suspicious people on the popular social networking site asking sensitive questions like, "Where are the nuclear missiles, Zionist pig?" [foxnews.com]

    Death Chip For Your Own Good: Ah, science, will you never learn? A Saudi inventor has unsuccessfully tried to patent a sub-dermal microchip that can track, and if need be, kill an "undesireable." The microchip would be crammed with GPS technology and cyanide. The Saudi in question tried to patent his creation in Germany, but was denied. I give it ten years until this is mandatory in totalitarian states like Myanmar, Russia, and Texas. [io9.com]

    Stick-y Situation: Poor Porcupine. Florida isn't the most sexually progressive state in the union, but there is one law we can all agree is worthwhile: it is illegal to have sex with a porcupine. This is good for the quill-festooned critter, as well as for the backwoods degenerate with a bottle of moonshine and desire to party. A pair of Russian tourists found out why one should not bugger these woodland creatures, morals and animal abuse aside. Because you might lose your zipper giblets. [russiatoday.com]

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