• Grill, Grill or Grill: Ladies of Conservatism

    Yesterday, we told you that we had to choose from amongst Carrie Prejean, Meghan McCain and Sarah Palin for whom we'd like to Grill (barbecue with), Grill (conduct a comprehensive interview with) or Grill (cover their teeth with some phat gold teeth).

    Here's what we came up with…

    Grill – Sarah Palin

    The way we see it, if there was anybody in all of politics that you'd really want to fire up the charcoals with, it'd have to be Sarah Palin. (That is, unless you're some kind of a socialist vegetarian terrorist or something.)

    Can you even imagine the kinds of animal flesh she'd bring to cook up? We've never eaten a grilled moose burger. Nor have we sampled marinated wolf shanks, snowy owl hot wings, or leg of polar bear. (And they'll be extinct before you know it, so we gotta eat them asap.)

    Plus, word around the igloo is she makes her wieners with genuine long pork, whatever that is.


    Grill – Meghan McCain

    There's a whole bunch of reasons for why we'd like to enter into enhanced interview techniques on Meghan McCain, and the possibility of face-licking is only part of it.

    More so, it'd be interesting to learn what it's like, as a teenager, to try to complain about not being allowed out on a Friday night to a father who spent years locked up with four broken limbs in an overseas prison camp. (Probably deflates your argument, we'd guess.)

    Also, we think we'd actually be able to get her to admit that she's a closet liberal.


    Grill – Carrie Prejean

    Because our grandfathers bravely fought in World War II to protect our right to choose for Carrie Prejean what we think her teeth should look like regardless of what she thinks.

    And, besides, it's the only thing we could think of that would possibly make Miss California even more classy than she already is.




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