• The Blog Hole: California Fail, President Cheney and Gas Guzzlers

    World's Ninth Largest Economy Broke: California voters shot down multiple ballot measures that would have raised taxes, in order to save a state government that is running out of money. And now, state legislators might have to turn to Washington for a little free cheese. Declan McCullagh writes about this potential historic event, a failing state needing a bailout, and asks if the Left Coast is too big to fail, bra. [cbsnews.com]

    Revenge of the Sith: Dick Cheney is running his mouth not just because he's the Republican party's toughest and most articulate voice but because he wants to be on the GOP ticket in 2012. Reihan Salam proposes this theory, and it's plausible that we could see a Bush/Cheney ticket in less than four years. That would be Jeb "Gator" Bush in the lead role as Cheney's newest puppet. [thedailybeast.com]

    Middle of the Road Warriors: Republicans should stop trying to speak with one voice, and start speaking like the post-apocalyptic warlords they are destined to become. Or so says satirist Frank J. Fleming, who in a conservative-minded humor piece as awkward as karaoke night with Michael Steele, chastises his right wing audience for giving up the fight, and demands they accept that Obama has won, and is slowly destroying America. [pajamasmedia.com]

    Gas Guzzlers Save Lives: Raising fuel economy standards is good for the environment, the auto industry, and America, right? Well hold there Buster — Megan Mcardle doesn't think so. In a post that is both provocative and pithy, she writes that, amongst other things, raising fuel economy standards will actually kill people. She doesn't really explain how, but it's true. Because it's written on the Internet. [theatlantic.com]

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