• The Blog Hole: Rove Hearts Obama, Hybrid Senators and Re-tweeting History

    Doomed To Re-Tweet It: Did you watch Obama's historic speech on national security? Want to read a detailed, nuanced analysis of said speech? Didn't think so. Instead, here's a link to Rich Lowry's twitter account. The National Review blogger and writer chops up his opinions on Obama's ideological about face into easy to consume, 140 character nuggets. At the very least, you won't get intellectual indigestion from reading it. [twitter.com/richlowry]

    Hot GOP-on-GOP Action: Here's another theory about why the GOP is self-destructing very publicly, and in real time, courtesy of Rod Dreher. This new theory comes with a new buzzword — "jerrytayloring." Which refers to the game of "who's more conservative" that those in the right keep playing with one another. The moment any pundit or GOP operative questions one of the party's icons, they get bum-rushed and accused of not being conservative enough. [beliefnet.com]

    OMG, Karl Rove Hearts Barack Obama: Or rather, Rove supports Obama's tentative embrace of Bush Administration national security policies. One man's flip-flop is another man's reasoned reconsideration of the facts. So now, officially, politics has gone down he rabbit hole: is the President just Bush Lite? A political hack full of empty campaign promises? The liberal backlash is brewing, you can hear progressive fanatics sharpening their long knives. [wsj.com]

    Hybrid Car, Hybrid Senator: Dana Milbank was there as Republican Senator Orrin Hatch sat behind the wheel of a plug-in hybrid Hummer H3, and what ensued was hi-larious. The 75-year old didn't know how to drive the confounded, newfangled hippiemobile! Ha! But give the 75-year old conservative some credit: many of his colleagues believe global warming is a hoax, and wouldn't be seen trying out the future of the automotive industry. [washingtonpost.com]

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