• The Blog Hole: More Cheney, America's a Dead Beat and O'Reilly Loves America More Than You

    America, The Deadbeat: The United States might lose it's AAA credit rating, but Felix Salmon is all "So what?" Those once vaunted credit agencies have lost their credibility, and investors will still tie their money up in Treasury bonds. It's not a great thing that the US triple-A might poof and vanish. But it's not the ticket to the Third World hysterical economic journalists think it might be. [reuters.com]

    Stop Blaming Bush, Bully: Obama's speech about terrorist detainees, amongst other things, was a big ol' middle finger to President Bush, claims Republican booster Fred Barnes. According to Barnes, Obama's speech has a divisive and partisan duck and swerve, laying blame on the last guy and avoiding answering any real questions about the 240 detainees languishing in Cuba. It should be noted that Fred Barnes hearts the GOP, and totally hates on godless liberals. [weeklystandard.com]

    Tin Men And Straw Men: Dick Cheney, you are an embarrassment of riches to political junkies. Over at Talking Points Memo, Zachary Roth debunks the former-Vice President's defense of "enhanced interrogation techniques," and in some cases, sets fire to Mr. Cheney's various, rhetorical straw men. You have to give the guy his due, though. The Iron Hunchback makes Michael Steele, Bobby Jindal, and Sarah Palin look like inarticulate clowns. [tpmmuckraker.com]

    Why Do You All Hate America? The ACLU has a blog, and they're using it to rip up Bill O'Reilly's endorsement of the New York Police Department's questionable "stop and frisk" policies, whereby racially-profiled citizens are subjected to on the spot, warrantless searches. To oppose this tactic, according to O'Reilly, is to hate America. Let's take a moment to recall the wise words of Ben Franklin, "Peeps who trade freedom for security are whack, and end up without either." That is not a direct quote. [aclu.org]

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