• The Blog Hole: Jesus Waterboards, North Korea Needs Attention, and Judge Judy Justice

    Justice Feelgood: The Supreme Court doesn't need Judge Dred, it needs Judge Judy. Someone with the common touch, who knows that Americans are, largely, trash. This is more or less Ellen Goodman's thesis, probably more less than more. But it's in the ballpark. Whoever President Obama nominates for the Supreme Court should be empathetic to the needs of regular Americans, like their need for pasta served in bowls made out of pizza delivered directly to their trailers. [boston.com]

    Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me A Buzzword, At Least: The Republican Party is suddenly a sullen, fat goth chick writing angry poems in a composition book . Like, an existential identity crisis totes blows. Shikha Dalmia has yet even more advice for the floundering and listless GOP. Rally the troops around a single, powerful idea — namely, liberty. A word which sounds great, and yet, is suitably vague enough that it can mean almost anything. Plus, if you're the party of "liberty," you can brand the other party as "anti-liberty." Let's here it for more rhetorical flimflammery! [reason.com]

    Hey World, Remember Us? How About Now? North Korea is such an attention whore. Gordon G. Chang points out that that prima donna third world nuclear power deserves a little spotlight action. Both President Obama and Bush turned blind eyes toward North Korea, but their recent nuke test makes that broken little country impossible to merely placate with promises of economic assistance. Now is the time to… eh… talk really, really sternly. [wsj.com]

    Who Would Jesus Waterboard: Oh, this is awesome. Over at Red State, a poster by the name of "roetenks" passionately argues that Christianity has been a force of butt-kicking good throughout history, and then drops that Jesus would have been "ok" with waterboarding.  The Messiah would have, for instance, waterboarded in order to save his disciples. This, of course, is the man who bade we all "love our enemies." On a side note, Buddha would have been "ok" with curb stomping. [redstate.com]

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