• Conservative Radio Host Allows Himself to Get Non-Tortured, Lasts Seconds

    As you may remember, a few weeks ago Sean Hannity offered to let himself get waterboarded for charity to show how non-torture-y the whole exhilarating experience truly is despite what anybody who has ever actually been waterboarded has ever actually said.

    Keith Olbermann — not one to miss out on an opportunity to be loud and self-righteous — jumped right in and offered to give $1,000 of his own money to military families for every second of aquatic good time fun Hannity could endure.

    Sean Hannity, obviously, never mentioned it again.

    So, Olbermann found a Hannity-lite — conservative radio host/bovine lycanthrope Mancow Muller — to get waterboarded in Hannity's stead in exchange for precious, precious ratings.

    You'll never guess what conclusion the Mancow came to…

    The best part is where Mancow says Sean Hannity called him up and said — despite everything else — that it's still not torture.

    No, actually, the best part is when Sean Hannity tripped and fell off the Earth and flew into space and nobody ever saw him again because he was sucked into a black hole. That's my favorite, favorite part.

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