• How the GOP Should Be Responding to Sotomayor

    While the rest of the country goes around accusing each other of being racists and reverse-racists and double secret reverse extra-special racists, Frank J, over at IMAO, actually has what has to be the best strategy for how the GOP should respond to the Sonia Sotomayor nomination.

    The Republicans should give in to inevitability and just "be super enthused"!

    Man, it will freak out all the Democrats if the Republicans are suddenly giddy at the thought of Sotomayor becoming a Supreme Court Justice. They'll know something is up and dedicate their little Democrat brains to trying to figure it out. And when the hearings start, we can all be like, "It's just so thrilling to think we could have a Latina on the Supreme Court. We can't believe it! I don't know why the Democrats want these hearing; I just want to vote for her right now!"

    And we can ask all inane questions at the hearings like, "What's your favorite color?" and "What font do you prefer for your decisions?" and "How awesome is it that you're Latina?"

    What will this achieve? I don't know. But it's unpredictable, and that's what the Republicans need right now.

    Unfortunately, the Republican Party that could have organized a focused response like this is the Republican Party that wouldn't need to organize a focused response like this.

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