• The Blog Hole: Missing The Gipper, Cheney Cagematch and Christians are Killers

    Judge Dreading It Already: Man, David Greenberg makes being nominated for the Supreme Court sound like harrowing trip down to the last house on the left. Have fun, Sonia Sotomayer! Whether or not conservatives start sparking up the coals to drag her over remains to be seen, but one thing is certain… to Repubicans, "empathy" is just another way of saying "Judge Oprah." [latimes.com]

    Dreaming Of Ronald: While Dick Cheney and Colin Powell duke it out in Thunderdome over the future of the Republican party, lone columnist Frank Donatelli meekly pines for a return to Reagan-flavored conservatism. Here is another right-leaning scribbler penning love letters to a man who's politics were inclusive, optimistic, and devoid of alienating wedge issues. Big hearts to The Gipper, yo? [washingtontimes.com]

    Jesus Chansaw Massacre: Conservative blogger Steven Crowder goes trolling on the interwebz with a post that declares all Christians are serial killers. Of course, this is all rhetorical derring-do. What Steven is actually saying is the evil, liberal Hollywood goes out of it's way to portray Christians in a negative way. Which might or might not have an itty-bit of validity. Although I take issue with his thesis that all movie baddies are Christian. Hannibal Lecter was certainly a secularist, for instance. The Christian cross is a time-honored weapon against Hollywood's favorite monster — the vampire. See, Steven, not all Christians are serial killers. They're pedophiles. [bighollywood.com]

    Left-Wing Loonybird Weeps For Terrorists: Radio Free Europe interviews a godless hippie liberal who thinks Terrorist Club Med should be closed, and that captured evildoers shouldn't be "extreme shampooed." Why does this prancing fruit hate America so much? Also, the man who expresses these opinions is none other than US Central Command commander and Iraqi "surge" architect General David Petraeus. What the hell is going on? What next? Cats and dogs living together? [rfel.org]

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