• Cookies Used to Extract Information from Prisoner

    This has got to be the most delicious-smelling form of enhanced interrogation I've heard of since the infamous bacon rack…

    Fascinating piece coming in tomorrow's TIME magazine. Reporter Bobby Ghosh writes, "The most successful interrogation of an al-Qaeda operative by U.S. officials required no sleep deprivation, no slapping or 'walling' and no waterboarding.

    "All it took to soften up Abu Jandal, who had been closer to Osama bin Laden than any other terrorist ever captured, was a handful of sugar-free cookies."

    I cannot believe that in this day and age, we're actually still debating whether or not sugar-free snacks should be considered torture.

    Have you ever tried Diet Dr. Pepper? Have you attempted to swallow it? I have. There is nothing about the experience that is any way similar to the senatation of eating food.

    I still have nightmares from time to time.

    Update: I've just managed to obtain photographic evidence of this new technique being used on one of those so-called terrorist monsters.

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