• Oppressed Christians Revoke Young Democrats Club from Liberty University

    This story is so shocking, I don't even know where to begin.

    Jerry Falwell's old homemade school for Christians — Liberty University — is in the news because its higher-ups have decided, in their infinite wisdom, that it would be a smart PR move to stir up a completely unnecessary shit storm and make the school's name even more ironic all in one brilliant maneuver…

    Liberty's Young Democrats club — the first in school history — was formed during last fall's election season, and was given an award for Up-and-Coming Chapter of the Year by the Virginia Young Democrats in April. But earlier this month, Liberty vice-president Mark Hine wrote to club president Brian Diaz that the club's status was being dropped because it had supported candidates whose views were "contrary to the mission of LU and to Christian doctrine", even though the club itself was officially pro-life and anti-gay-marriage.

    Following a maelstrom of criticism, Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. offered to reinstate the club, providing it aligns itself with a pro-life, anti-gay Democratic group, and not the Democratic party in general.

    What do you think is the most shocking aspect of this story?

    a) That Christian Evangelicals are so blatantly admitting that they're an arm of the Republican Party?
    b) That Liberty University ever approved a Young Democrat's club to begin with.
    c) That there are enough young Democrats enrolled at Liberty University to constitute a "club."
    d) That Liberty University gets to call itself a "university."

    See the correct answer after the jump…





    Sorry, but that was a trick question. The correct answer is…

    e) That there are any students or faculty members to be found at Liberty University given that we're more than four months into an Obama administration and Jesus Christ has not yet sent his battalions of angels down to Rapture his loyal followers home to the Kingdom of Heaven in advance of the Tribulation and all of the horrors that shall entail.

    Any day now, though! Any day!

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