• Need Help Brainwashing Your Kids This Last Summer Before College? CWW Will Help!

    So, you're hip young Christian conservative parents preparing to send your kids away to college, and you're concerned that they might be infected with critical thinking skills while you're not around to remind them of the inerrant truth of talking snakes and virgin births. Homeschooling and rigid control over those with whom they were allowed to associate worked through high school, but you can't get the state to recognize your garage as an accredited institute of higher learning.

    If only Jesus would provide us with a weekend workshop to help us clasp a safety lock around our children's brains so that only the most surface detail aspects of their college education would be capable of slipping inside. Or has He?

    Have you considered The College Weekend Workshop LIVE 2009? (Spoiler alert: It's LIVE and it ROCKS!)

    I heard that dedicated young lady actually spent several weeks living out in the wild with real liberal atheists so that she could get their mannerisms just right.

    I think she nailed it pretty hard, don't you?

    Obviously, you're convinced, because that was pretty much the most thought-provoking film ever, but the end part might be a tad too graphic and disturbing to show to the kids. so here's CWW's founder Mark Nauroth to tell them why they're not emotionally mature enough to deal with grown-up things, like other people's belief systems (PDF).

    (via Pharyngula)

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