• Pro-Life? Pro-Choice? Can We at Least Agree on Being Anti-PETA

    Every once in a while, I get a pang of guilt over all the pigs and cows and chickens and mountain lions I've eaten in my life, and I seriously consider giving up meat and making an attempt at vegetarianism.

    But then I think: If you do that, you'll be on the same team as PETA. And then I immediately run to the nearest BBQ place I can find and see how many dead animals I can shove into my face before I throw up.

    From Feministing

    PETA is treating the assassination of Dr. Tiller as an opportunity to spread their message to the pro-life and pro-choice communities. According to Kansas.com the animal rights organization is planning to erect two billboards in Wichita, one that says "Pro-Life? Go Vegetarian," and one that says "Pro-Choice? Choose Vegetarian." Both show images of baby chicks…

    PETA is not a social justice organization. Their primary media tactic is to appeal to the worst bigotry in U.S. culture in an attempt to stir up controversy and shock people into vegetarianism. Their tactics in working for animal rights is an affront to the cause of justice.

    Hopefully — for PETA's sake — a whole bunch more people will be violently murdered before this controversy is over. It'd be a shame if they ran out of reasons to send women out into public to smear on body paint and get naked in the name of stopping all the exploitation.

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