• Nancy Pelosi's Latest Attempt to Swindle the American People

    Always schemingSpeaker of the House Nancy Pelosi recently announced that she, or perhaps her internet-savvy cat, is going to start posting lawmakers' expense claims online — a true break from precedent, in which Representatives' expenses were between them and God and the bundlers.

    No word yet on how other members of the House feel about this, or if it is even permissible under the Constitution (someone look into this asap!), but Nancy Pelosi is downright giddy

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said today that she’s “very excited” about posting members’ expenses claims online later this summer, and that “whatever the downside might be for any individual is very much an upside in the interest of more openness for Congress.”

    Pelosi was asked at her weekly press conference whether she was concerned that people reading lawmakers’ expenses would be critical of what they saw. The speaker announced Wednesday that she was ordering PDFs detailing how each member uses their office expense allowances to be published on the Internet for the first time.

    In other words, here we have yet another unprecedented government program, for which taxpayers will foot the bill (what is the cost of making these fancy "PDFs"??), with no clearly defined outcomes and no way of measuring whatever progress won't be made. Lord, this woman and her covert agendas!

    What is Fancy Nancy trying to hide?

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