• Breaking News: Barack Obama is Not, In Fact, God

    obama-golf-cartWhat the heck, it's Friday and I'm in the mood for some wingnuttery. And, oh look, here's some from WaPo columnist Charles "Cabbage-Ballpeen" Krauthammer, who wants you to know that he for one is NOT fooled by President Obama's disgraceful trick of drawing parallels between America and the Muslim world.

    This rhetorical flimflammery is the clearest indication yet that the president thinks he's God/Allah, which he doesn't say, not in so many words, but

    But he does position himself as hovering above mere mortals, mere country, to gaze benignly upon the darkling plain beneath him where ignorant armies clash by night, blind to the common humanity that only he can see. Traveling the world, he brings the gospel of understanding and godly forbearance. We have all sinned against each other. We must now look beyond that and walk together to the sunny uplands of comity and understanding. He shall guide you.

    False prophet (aka Antichrist, yeah, what's up, First Epistle of John) Barack Obama is the worst. Someone (Charles Krauthammer) oughta smite that dude

    Creating false equivalencies is not moral leadership but moral abdication. And hovering above it all, above country and history, is a sign not of transcendence but of a disturbing ambivalence toward one's own country.

    Which is something God or an obedient disciple of God would never do, because as everybody knows, God is a patriot.

    For America.


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