• Television and Radio Correspondents Appreciation Fortnight

    So, as we're sure all of you know all too well, The Radio and Television Correspondents' Association Dinner is almost upon us. This is an event which was probably best described by Ana Marie Cox two years ago

    It's a lot like the White House correspondents' dinner, but with fewer fake famous people and worse entertainment. But the wine is free and if you, like me, get a kick out seeing moderately well-known wonks attempt to have "fun" (imagine four hours of trying to teach your dad to dance or somesuch), it can be diverting.

    It's also the event responsible for burning the image of MC Rove into our collective consciousness.

    Anyway — for reasons that make complete sense to us — we're celebrating this diverting event with the following exciting features…

    * A blog series highlighting the burgeoning love story between MSM personalities and the scruffy bloggers who follow their every movement.

    * The Internet premiere of a brand new video from JibJab that will be featured at this years Radio & TV dinner ceremony.

    * Lots of other appreciative correspondent-related material which can technically, according to our lawyers, be referred to as "exciting features."

    So, make sure you check back at least once every three minutes until we tell you otherwise.

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