• Nate Silver & Karl Rove: What Are the Odds?

    A numerological statistical analysis of the numerical compatibility between number crunching geeks Nate Silver and Karl Rove

    While Rove is a Republican spin doctor and Silver a "rational progressive," there is substantial and surprising overlap between the two.

    Nate Silver Karl Rove
    100% match
    Capricorn Capricorn
    Nick Name
    75% match
    Poblano, Numbers Machine, genius, "the human abacus" and "the guy who taught numbers how to fuck" Boy Genius, Turdblossom
    Appearance 50 % match cute, blue eyes, wears hipster (50% nerdy) glasses 50% of the time fugly, blue eyes, wears 100% nerdy glasses 100% of the time
    60% match
    Baseball, counting, high school debate team MC rove-ing, high school debate team
    98.5% match
    "There's a 97.3% chance that Nate Silver is Totally My Boyfriend" said page.
    In order to win the high school senate race, Rove was driven into the school gym in a convertible, seated between two pretty girls.
    20% if consensual
    10% if paid
    -100% if forced
    Childhood Geek Level
    100% match
    According to his father, Silver "was a numbers fanatic…. When we took him to preschool one time, we dropped him off, and he announced, 'Today, I'm a numbers machine,' and started counting…. When we picked him up two and a half hours later, he was 'Two thousand one hundred and twenty-two, two thousand one hundred and twenty-three…' "
    = 100%
    Rove said "I was the complete nerd. I had the briefcase. I had the pocket protector. I wore Hush Puppies when they were not cool. I was the thin, scrawny little guy. I was definitely uncool."
    Current Geek Level
    100% match
    See above
    - at preschool
    + at home
    = 100%
    See above
    -"thin, scrawny little guy"
    + full figured
    = 100%
    2008 Election

    ??% match*
    ??% accuracy

    Obama: 349

    McCain: 189

    Obama: 338
    McCain: 200

    * Nate Silver, if you're reading this, could you please calculate these?

    Based on their surprisingly high commonality levels, I tested their compatibility and determined that, based on numerology, the two have a compatibility of between 25 and 79%. As a control, I used both the subjects' given full names as well as the names they go by…

    The following chart is a polychromatic demonstration of the Rove-Silver compatibility range…

    I also looked at their compatibility level as a function of their astrological signs. These tests are less reliable than the love computers, and are qualitative and not quantitative. Astrological Compatibility Analysis (ACA) predicts a much lower compatibility, foreseeing that "this relationship lacks stimulation. You are both far too cautious, frugal and self-righteous to last."…

    In conclusion, although it would depend on several contingencies, such as real data, the compatibility of Nate Silver and Karl Rove does, indeed, exist. Any further extrapolation would have to be done by Nate Silver.

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