• Andrew Sullivan Has Discovered Iran's Problem: Not Enough Religion

    Andrew Sullivan on the very real possibility of continued and escalating protests in Iran in the wake of the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's speech

    I fear deeply what is about to happen. But I also sense that the Gandhi-strategy of the majority is a winning one. If they can sustain their numbers and withstand the nightly raids, and if they can overwhelm the capital tomorrow in another peaceful show of strength, then they can win. And the world will change.

    This is their struggle now, requiring the kind of courage that only God can provide. Their God, my God, the God of the Torah and the Koran and the Gospels.

    I fell over when I read that. But I was sitting at the time, so I had to stand up in order to fall over with the appropriate flair.

    The reason I fell over was because I was in shock at just how right-on Sullivan got it. It was the amazing insight of that comment that rendered my inner ear ineffective. Because — yes, obviously! — that's been the problem in Iran all this time. Not enough religion!

    So, let's everybody get together and pray that God finally get around to making his presence known there in the Middle East. Once He does — once He "provides the kind of courage that only God can provide" I'm sure all their issues and abuses of power and gross violations of human rights will clear up just like that.

    Then, when He's done, maybe he come around here to the States and show a little interest in our political process for a change.

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