• Irandecision 2009: It's Over, Everything's Fine

    It was exciting while it lasted, but the global clamor over Iran's presidential election is finally drawing to a close. Calm will return to the streets of Tehran and the tweets of Twitter, and we can all rest easy knowing that the outcome of the election was fair, accurate and 100% above-board.

    Here's the proof

    In his first speech since the June 12 election outcome sparked the country's worst unrest in 30 years, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said the vote accurately reflected the will of the people and accused "enemies of Islam" of stoking anger.

    The "Islamic establishment would never manipulate votes and commit treason. The legal structure in this country does not allow vote-rigging," Khamenei said, in his first address since the elections.

    There you have it! After all, this Khamenei fellow is the Supreme Leader of Iran.

    I'm sure the good citizens of that country wouldn't have elected him to such an important post if he weren't scrupulously honest and committed to their best interests.

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