• Why Can't We Know More of the Intimate Details of Our Politicians' Lives?

    Swampland's Amy Sullivan on "The TMI Governor"…

    I'll give Mark Sanford this: After all of the terse, tight-lipped, vague apologies for an offense that's not ever really spelled-out, it was almost refreshing to hear a politician explain — and explain and explain — what he'd done wrong.

    I disagree. But I actually totally agree. But really I actually totally agree to the point of disagreement.* You see, I want more explanation from my politicians. Explanation about what? Explanation about everything!

    I want to know what kind of shampoo they use so that I can judge them for it. I want to know what brand of frozen waffles they feed to their kids so that I can feel morally superior to them. I want watch the intimate details of their lives edited down into morally unambiguous chunks of family-friendly bits interspersed with advertisements that will tell me what kind of shampoo and frozen waffle will make me the happiest.

    Because this is America and I am stupid and I deserve it!

    * I'm not actually being critical of Amy Sullivan. I'm not sure who I'm being critical of. Maybe I'm being critical of me. Who knows?

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