• Bernie Madoff to Face More Than Hard Time

    For Bernie Madoff,  a century and a half of jail time won't be all rainbows, lollipops and whatever else is never associated with prison life

    Sentenced to 150 years, Madoff will probably be sent to a medium- or high-security prison, probably in the northeastern U.S, according to lawyers and prison consultants. Even worse for Madoff, fellow inmates serving life sentences may want "to make a name for themselves" by harming the ex-money manager, a former inmate said. The Federal Bureau of Prisons, which will decide where he’s jailed, may isolate Madoff to protect him from other prisoners.

    "If they see an opportunity to take that man out and be in the paper and make a name for themselves, what do they have to lose," Steve Vincent, a former police officer jailed for theft who now runs Federal Prison Consultant Services in Louisville, Kentucky, said in an interview.

    Yeah, I can imagine how much prison cred you'd get for shivving a 71-year-old Jewish nerd. Off the charts cred! Man, you'd be the King of Jail.

    "Don't you go messin' with Cobra over there."

    "Why not? He don't look so tough."

    "He beat up somebody's frail, panicked, simpering grandfather in the shower last week."

    "Never mind. I'm going back to my cell. Thanks for the heads up."

    You know who I feel really bad for? The guys who try to make their name by hitting Madoff and fail.

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