• One in Four Republicans Make Me Very Sad for America

    It amazes me that pollsters can actually find people willing to out themselves as Republicans these days. It seems to me to be an incredibly embarrassing group with which to be caught associating. ("Me? In the Republican Party? No, no! I'm in the… um… the… The Zoophilia Party. Yeah.")

    For example, take a look at this selection of them

    Forty percent of Republican voters said the governor's decision did not hurt her odds in 2012, while 24 percent think Palin's move helps her chances of securing her party's nomination.

    Mind you, these are the people that will be voting in the Republican primaries. And the 40 percent who are un-phased by Palin's Lohan-esque behavior look like brilliant geniuses next to the 24 percent who actually think it raises her political stock. ("What I look for in a politician is erratic decision making, no ability to explain one's actions with any lucidity and a complete lack of regard for responsibility. And I vote!")

    The 2012 GOP primaries will be entertaining at the very least.

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