• General Motors Vrooms Out of Bankruptcy, Considers a New Paint Job

    gm-greenProving it could go from -10,000 to 25 mph in under two months, General Motors has officially stopped being bankrupt. Hurrah! The trouble is over!

    “It’s just beginning. It’s nowhere near over,” said Keith Crain, the publisher and editorial director of Automotive News, an industry trade publication. Speaking on WJR-AM in Detroit, Mr. Crain said, “They’re going to need hard work, a lot of smarts, and they’re going to need good luck.”

    Hey, you know what's lucky? Four-leaf clovers. And you know what color four-leaf clovers are?

    Almost immediately, GM will try to show how it's a different company, perhaps by changing its familiar square logo from blue to green, to reflect its environmental focus.

    "I think that as a corporate identity the color change could well be a smart move," said Tony Spaeth, president of Tony Spaeth/Identity, a Rye, N.Y., firm that helps companies craft identities. "It lends a little bit more reality and sincerity of intention to 'We want to change the way we do things.'"

    It sure does. It also reflects the seasick feeling they'll have when they realize that a 28% drop in new car sales is considered better than bad news these days.

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