• Sen. John Ensign's Parents Donated $96,000 to Local Victims of John Ensign's Penis

    Let's start the day with some upbeat news, for once. Here's a heartwarming little story about neighbors helping neighbors: It seems Nevada Sen. John Ensign's elderly parents, at their son's request, made a donation to an area family that had been burned by fallout from John Ensign's penis. Wasn't that generous of them?

    Republican Sen. John Ensign said today his parents paid the family of his mistress $96,000 in April 2008, as she and her husband were ending their employment with him.

    In a statement issued this afternoon, Ensign said his parents made the gifts "out of concern of the well-being of the longtime family friends during a difficult time."

    Of course, in this day and age no good deed goes unpunished

    Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, an ethics watchdog group, called on the Department of Justice and the Senate Ethics Committee to investigate the payments. The Justice Department and Senate committee, in compliance with longstanding policy, don't comment on matters they may investigate.

    And that's what we get for letting the Democrats take over Washington, a couple can't even make a simple payoff to their son's mistress and her husband and their two young children (!!) without the Nanny State getting involved.

    Don't these "watchdogs" remember the old saying about charity beginning at home?

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