• House Democrats Cough Up the Sickest Health Care Plan Yet

    Overachiever-in-chief Barack Obama told members of Congress they're not leaving for August recess until there's a plan to fix the health care system, so yesterday evening House Democrats unveiled a proposal that would replace your doctor with a framed portrait of Bo Obama, which will be paid for by giving the American dream a lethal injection

    Much of the [plan funding] would come from a new tax on families earning more than $350,000 a year and individuals earning more than $280,000. The taxes, which would take effect in 2011, would affect about 2.1 million taxpayers, the nonprofit Tax Policy Center projected.

    The surtax would start at 1 percent and rise to 5.4 percent on income exceeding $1 million.

    Now, if you read that and thought, "Who cares? This tax would only impact the wealthiest 1.2 percent of households in the country," you just aren't thinking like someone who wants to get ahead…

    "Tax is a four-letter word" with voters, said Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.). Even families not ranking in the top 1 percent of earners "hope they're going to be there someday," he said. "So they don't necessarily think it's fair."

    Exactly, and I for one am not willing to suffer under the burden of a surtax on my hypothetical future income, just to pay for health care.

    And I'm pretty sure the odds of my becoming a millionaire are a lot better than my odds of dying from this weird oozy infected thing on my chest.

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