• Sonia Sotomayor Will Kill You! She'll Kill All of You!

    Look, I don't mean to suggest this or in any way imply that this might actually happen, but what I'm saying is that if she's not confirmed, Sonia Sotomayor might — or might not, maybe — kill every single person in America.

    That's what I gather, at least, from this strange, rambling explanation she gave to Sen. Tom Coburn earlier today about something or other…

    "If the threat was in this room, 'I'm going to come get you,' and you go home and get — or I go home. I don't want to suggest I am, by the way. Please, I'm not — I don't want anybody to misunderstand what I'm trying to say.

    "If I go home, get a gun, come back and shoot you, that may not be legal under New York law…"

    No, it might not. But, then again, I'm not a lawyer, so there's always a chance that I'm misunderstanding when it is and when it is not legal to murder somebody in cold blood with a fire arm for making hypothetical threats of a vaguely violent nature during congressional hearings.

    Though, I'm pretty sure she could make a case for beating him to death with a pair of nunchucks.

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