• Bobby Jindal's Rx for American Health Care: A Dose of Cold, Hard Facts

    Governor Jindal! Wake up, sir! Sarah Palin's on the express train to Crazytown, and all the other famous Republicans are busy having affairs, except for Mike Huckabee, who is still Mike Huckabee, and Mitt Romney, who is still a wealthy, emotionless robot, like an ATM with eyes. Sir, it's your cue!

    And guess what? You're a health care policy expert who led the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals and then worked in George W. Bush's Health and Human Services Department. You know what's being debated right now? Yes! Hurry, sir! The national stage is waiting! Put on your official NBC page jacket and get out there

    I know a little something about health care policy, and I can tell you exactly the game that is currently afoot. If the House Democrats’ plan were to become law, the president’s statement that “if you like your health care now, you can keep it” will not be true. This is not an opinion, this is a fact.

    Businesses will, in effect, be forced to send employees into the Democrats’ government-run health care. It’s really not something to argue about, it is a fact. [...] The plan the House Democrats are developing is a radical restructuring of health care in America. You may like it, you may not, but it is just that; there is no denying or sugarcoating it.

    Facts! Yay! Facts are the best, because unlike opinions, they are irrefutable. Opinions are just chunks of random shapes we call "letters" that have been arranged into completely arbitrary groupings called "words" which are then organized into "sentences" according to the whims of "your media strategist." But these are facts, undeniable and unsugarcoatable truths, which you, Governor Jindal, are speaking to power (Barack Obama).

    Say, governor, you've inspired me to look up more of these "facts," perhaps about health care. Here's one: Louisiana places dead last in national health rankings, and has been at the bottom of the list since 1990.

    Well, shoot. But "national health rankings," that's Democrat for "opinions," right?

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