• The Ron Paul Dating Website Is Here for Your Ron Paul-Related Sexual Needs

    Ron Paul fans, it seems, are finally taking the rest of the world's advice and fucking themselves

    The Republican congressman from Texas, whose libertarian insurgency enlivened the 2008 presidential race, is the inspiration behind the new Web dating service RonPaulSingles.com. "We put the LOVE in Revolution," the site proclaims.

    Yes, you just read that. And now you're going to read it again. Because, well, you don't often get to read sentences that awesome…

    The Republican congressman… is the inspiration behind the new Web dating service RonPaulSingles.com.

    Did you get that? A Ron Paul-inspired dating site. A place on the Internet where young people can go to meet like-minded anarchists, smoke some pot with one another while lamenting its illegality, trade stories of Black Block protesting, talk lovingly about a 73-year-old doctor who does not believe in evolution but does believe that George Bush planted bombs in the World Trade Center, and then have sexual intercourse. That is now a thing that exists in the world in which you live!

    "I never thought I'd speak to crowds of 5,000 college kids chanting 'End the Fed' and burning Federal Reserve notes, so I guess nothing surprises me that much anymore," Paul wrote to [some reporter or something]. "I suppose it's all about Freedom bringing people together — spiritually, politically, and now, romantically… And, I've always been sympathetic to the slogan 'make love, not war.'"

    First of all, puke.

    Second of all, you do realize that in 3.2 million years, when squid-people biologists manage to pinpoint the exact moment when the species Homo Libertarius branched off from the human race, it'll be attributed to the fossilized remains of that website, don't you?

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