• The Three Scariest Words in the English Language: "President Sarah Palin"

    Holy God, I just found the most terrifying piece of speculative reporting from Politics Daily's Bob Franken. Just do me a favor and read the first paragraph…

    It is noon, Jan. 20, 2013. Sarah Palin raises her right hand to be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States.

    Did you have a physiological reaction to that string of words? Keep reading; it gets worse…

    Palin had won a decisive victory over the incumbent, Barack Obama. The country was still trapped in economic rubble, and voters had tired of Obama's campaign slogan, "I Inherited This."…

    After years as co-host of "The Jerry Springer Show," Sarah Palin had returned to the fray and run an unstoppable campaign… Palin convinced Newt Gingrich to join her on the ticket as vice president by promising he'd really be in charge of the administration — similar to the arrangement between Dick Cheney and George W. Bush.

    This is where I stopped reading the article. I know it's stupid, but I couldn't make myself go on. It's like those Saw movies that I never have and never will see. I just can't justify subjecting myself to torture porn.

    And, the scariest thing about it is that it technically can happen.

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