• A New Twist in Barack Obama's Scheme to Ruin Your Health

    Did everybody enjoy last night's episode of So You Think You Can Dance Your Way to Socialized Medicine, starring Barack Obama? It was on all the channels. I liked the part where he talked about the Medicare prescription program, and deadlines, and C-SPAN, and how he and Kayla were training for the tango… um, or whatever it was. I may have dozed off a few times.

    Gee, I hope I didn't miss anything important

    If you haven't been paying attention, you might have missed it. But with the substitution of one word, President Barack Obama was able to redirect his health care message from uninsured Americans to those who already have insurance.

    In his Wednesday night address, Obama talked about "health insurance reform," a noticeable shift from the "health care reform" he had been talking up until late last week.

    The sneaky rat bastard! All this time I've thought Barack Obama was trying to replace my family doctor with a government bureaucrat. Now it turns out he wants to replace my family health insurance company with a government bureaucrat.

    Well, this is a travesty. I expect 20-page footnoted bills from my health insurance company, and incomprehensible denials of payment issued in teeny tiny print, and multiple mailings that say the same thing but with different form numbers in the upper right corner, and a three-inch-thick stack of policy details that refer me to nonexistent webpages.

    You can't tell me a government bureaucrat is capable of doing that.

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