• After All Those Vacations, Mark Sanford Could Use a Vacation

    national-lampoon-european-vacationPoor South Carolina governor Mark Sanford has been living out of a suitcase lately, what with his trade mission to Argentina, and then his jaunt to Overshare City, and most recently a five-day trip with his wife, which I'm sure did not involve any awkward silences whatsoever.

    You know what Mark Sanford needs right now? A vacation

    Gov. Mark Sanford said he is leaving the state today for a two-week European vacation with his wife and four sons.

    Since June 18, Sanford has been at work 15 of 25 business days. And according to his schedule, provided to The State under the S.C. Freedom of Information Act, Sanford will be on vacation or have no official state business for 52 of 148 weekdays in 2009 through the end of July.

    What is this, grade school? We give our elected officials attendance reports? Please. Sarah Palin is governor-for-life of Real America, even though she's dropping out this weekend. Doesn't matter.

    Besides, Gov. Sanford has no choice. He's got to spend two weeks in Europe…

    Sanford said he considered canceling the trip, but that his children had raised money to help pay for the excursion by selling lemonade.

    And if there is one fact we know about Mark Sanford, it's that he would never, ever do anything to disappoint his family.

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