• Federal Reserve Salesman Ben Bernanke Feels Your Pain, America

    ben-bernanke-smugSay, for the head of a secretive institution, Ben Bernanke sure has been making a lot of splashy media appearances lately

    Ben S. Bernanke, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, is on a publicity campaign with a message: the central bank is here to help, and it is not as mysterious or menacing as people might think.

    Lies, of course, all lies. Below every Federal Reserve bank is a secret vault where alien colonists raise human fetuses in petri dishes. Regardless, Ben and his beard took the Fed-boosting show on the road to Kansas City yesterday, where they sat with some Real Americans for a Real American tradition: the town hall pander…

    When a small-business owner asked Mr. Bernanke why the Fed helped rescue big banks while "short-changing" small companies, Mr. Bernanke answered that he had decided to "hold my nose" because he was afraid the entire financial system would collapse.

    "I'm as disgusted by it as you are," he told the audience of 190 people. "Nothing made me more angry than having to intervene, particularly in a few cases where companies took wild bets."

    Oh boy.

    Ben Bernanke is going to be furious when he finds out there was a guy who could've saved him from having to do all those bank rescues in the first place.

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