• GOP Congresspeople (Not) on the President's Birth Certificate

    Obviously, the subject of Barack Obama's birth certificate is a very popular subject amongst Republican congresspeople on The Hill. Why, it seems like the only thing they'd rather talk about is anything

    I feel for that one guy. Because sometimes you gotta just spend a third of an hour searching for the just-right pen. And it just makes it harder to concentrate on important things like pens when some jerkwad is sticking a camera in your face or trying to ask you a question about a thing.

    Mike Stark (the guy in the video)'s summation…

    Folks, this is what it has come to. The most powerful people in the world — nationally elected legislators responsible for setting policy for the most powerful country on earth — are lining up with cuckoo-bat-shit-crazy elements of the lunatic fringe.

    And they have to. It's their base.

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