• Only You Can Protect America from Brown People on the Internet

    Oh… My… GOD!!!

    Did you know that there are a bunch of swarthy people with foreign-sounding names and terrorist-colored skin… hiding in the shadows of their immensely popular Internet sites… plotting to take down the government by… making eagles cry, or something?

    And they're sponsored by that guy George Soros — whom, if talk radio hosts know anything (and they clearly know everything), is very, very evil.

    This is no laughing matter! Don't believe me? Just watch this terrifying video that some guy made on his laptop for proof!

    Holy Jesus! There was even an actual quote from Abraham Lincoln from that one time when he gave that speech warning real Americans about the dangers of certain Internet websites.

    Come on, guys. This is serious. Let's all chip in and protect America from the Internet. It's what Abraham Jesus would have wanted.

    (via Matt Yglesias (via Wonkette))

    Tags: Abraham Lincoln, Daily Kos, Markos Moulitsas, Racism


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