• Sudanese Woman Facing 40 Lashes for Wearing Pants Wears Pants to Trial

    This Sudanese woman is about three billion times more brave than I could ever hope to be…

    Lubna Ahmed Hussein, a Sudanese journalist who also works in the media department of the UN Mission in Sudan, was arrested along with 13 other women at a popular cafe for wearing "indecent clothes."She was wearing "trousers" and now faces flogging — 40 lashes. She and two other women asked for a lawyer. The other women (some non-Muslim) weren't so lucky: they received 10 lashes and a fine.

    Arrested July 3 and now standing trial (in the same trousers that got her arrested!), Lubna claims she did nothing wrong under the strict Sharia or Islamic religious law, which has been in place in Sudan since 1989. She has immunity due to her association with the UN, but Lubna has decided to waive this in order to challenge the law.

    Oh, I wasn't even talking about the pants. I mean that scarf! Olive green paisley? Excuse me, Lubna Ahmed Hussein, but mid-to-late 2005 called, and they want their '70s retro back. (This Imam over here knows what I'm talking about.)


    But serious, balls of steel. (Or ovaries of steel, or whatever.) Imagine if we had journalists with those kinds of principles over here? Just think of all the crazy shit they would do. Like reporting the news.

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