• Do Your Wildest Dreams Involve Sarah Palin Being President?

    sarah-palin-pledge-flagNow that Sarah Palin has joined the ranks of the unemployed, a poll from the Wall Street Journal and NBC asks Americans if they'd like to see her get a new job someday.

    Specifically, the one job for which she is well-suited, at least in the sartorial sense…

    Two-thirds, 67%, said they don’t ever want the former Alaska governor to be president, compared with the 21% who said they would.

    (The 12% who kept quiet on the issue are probably under summons from Sarah Palin's lawyers.)

    Anyway, in typical drive-by fashion, the Wall Street Journal is framing this story as "a majority of Americans do not want Sarah Palin to become president," even though TWENTY-ONE PERCENT of people say yes, sure, give the deranged quittin' lady the nuclear codes.

    That seems like a lot, no? Almost one-quarter of the people in the survey? On the other hand, Sarah Palin has a ton of relatives.

    And who knows, maybe Tina Fey does too.

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